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Dear Chocolate lover,

I started chocolate making as a personal hobby - and as I developed my chocolate delicacies, I revelled in the pleasure and delight of my daughters & husband - and friends..and corporate clients.

The sweet taste of chocolate has made me a number of friends - and it definitely is a universally accepted, elegant piece of food-art.

If you have a taste for chocolates - I strongly recommend you join our chocolate making community - we will teach you a complete range of chocolate delicacies, and also equip you with all the tools and ingredients for perfecting and making some of the most appreciated chocolate delights at a fraction of the cost - for pleasure or for profit.

At Choco-Love, we are working hard on lots of exciting new ideas including our Choco-Love Chocolatier Franchising Program and Choco-Love Chocolate Club for our Chocoholic Community.

ChocoLatier Franchisee program enables you to develop your own profitable and highly satisfying chocolate crafting practise. And you will grow and learn thru interactions with your peers and upline.

Join now - and we will keep you informed by email of all the special offers, new products, lots of mouth watering recipes and chocolate events.

Call me on +91 98739 1 5419, to ask for any clarification / place an order - or to simply register for a training workshop.

Vandana Aggarwal